A pedestal it should be
A path it’s meant to be
Oh, the foundation for human development- it was constructed for.

Sadly, it’s now a valley of lost hope rather than a fountain of light
Oh, it has turned to a shrine of despair- where social vices has turned to the daily offering unto the goddess of uncertainty.

How surprising it is
Seeing the authorities faulting the candidate’s- oh how bewildering and unappealing seeing the first citizen blaming them in an international community- which the media termed “lazy youths”

Funningly, majority of the supposed intellectuals meant to train the young minds are wallowing in the stream of politicking and selfish motives… My heart bleeds discovering this menace amongst our respected intellects

Of more concern and a great despair to our future is seeing the trainee( youths; Students’) with the self acclamation and a convinced thought that the supposed TABERNACLE OF INTELLECT is a waste of time and resources – with the common derogatory statement of “SCHOOL NA SCAM”.

The aforementioned made me to question always all alone in my cerebral space that;

Where are we, how do we get here and where are we going???

Kehinde Oreoluwa ADEBIYI
Department of Microbiology,
Lagos State University, Ojo.