Discipline weighs ounces; regret weighs tons. Tonight not all about success stories but how we failed and the turn ongoing around. In 2016, the SDGs advocacy started and a new vibrant youth advocate group emerged, the SDGsACT.

We started off with great passion and synergy and amongst the foremost group creating awareness about the SDGs in Nigeria, within few months we were already in 22 States in Nigeria and 15 African countries across Africa but we FAILED.

The greatest untapped resources in any organization, and the most expensive, is its people. It is within the skills and abilities of the average person where the greatest potential for growth, productivity, performance, achievement,  and profitability lies. At this point,  our greatest resources were pulling out of the organizations and our passion was dying, in 2017 the organization shrunk to 6 States in Nigeria and about 3 States in Africa,  that was a big blow for us.

As a volunteer, we all started thinking of our to get out of this crisis knowing fully will that starting an organization from scratch requires lot of prize, especially when our determination is to help implement the UN SDGs agenda in Nigeria… with People Partnering for Peace and Prosperity on Planet. We must not be tired, we must delay our gratification, we must achieve our mission to creating sustainable development and localising the SDGs.

I remembered these lines… “the best managers create an environment where people feel free to be the best they can be”. Thanks to YALI for helping sharpened my leadership skills and this is the reason for choosing managing a team as my YALI profession, I came to the realization through capacity building and trainings on YALI platform that “the great discovery is that the more people like themselves, value themselves, and consider themselves to be worthwhile human beings, the less they fear failure, the less they fear rejection, and the more willing they are to try new things”.

We think outside the box, and this gave birth to more synergy, more campaigns and birth of a club association at Lagos State University, and more of our members are engaging their communities, friends and networks in the awareness campaign while the organization is also focused on rebuilding, networking and more partnership with other organizations.

The key factor in motivation and in peak performance is just one thing – the nexus or point of contact between the manager and the managed.

Written by
Sheriff Gbadamosi
National Program Officer/
State Coordinator