Leadership is the art of influencing followers to achieve success by identifying joint goals to source best-fit roles in teams, constructive collaborations, and adapting to change within their environments. Let’s think about all this questions for a minute: Who is a leader? Who am i? What’s my strength, weakness? Where are the opportunities and threats for me? Am I a good listener, reader and writer? Am I loyal to myself and can I be loyal to others? We must learn to balance our listening and desire to perform or work with compassionate attention to others. Set required goals which will one want to achieve where am I going? Have to think of how I can educated myself to impact others. It also involves open and honest communication and a sense of humility that transcends all across. We must learn lessons from those before us and be impactful than acting less impactful and having false pride. Been an active leader comes from within and spreads outward; Youths of today lack leadership because some are overshadowed by ego, arrogance, family and other type of connections and which is why teenagers aren’t willingly to make more impacts and get more influenced by the social media rave and can read those who front of them(Youths) like a book and see that they aren’t united and are highly competitive over naught. Finally, let’s take a moment to think; Are we an active or reactive leader? Can we create not curate solutions forth to make a huge impact? Thanks so much. (HAJI,SDGS ACT LAGOS)