When I was going through the scripture this morning, I was amazed by what Esther risk her life to do for her people. Many things were accomplished by her people and her people can look up to her and

This morning my question for you is just that what can people say they achieved because of you. Your life is measure by the quantity of life you affected either positively or negatively. You haven’t started living a life of purpose if you haven’t been serving as a motivation for people.

Most people fail to realise that any action carried out by them serves as a motivation for another person. The question here is that, are you capable to be called a change agent?

Living a life of impact is a double advantage for you because you rise to live your life and also help people to have direction for their life.

There will never be a time in your life where you will not have challenges, so you might as well be happy because your only is a motivation to some people. If you eat like an elephant and you defecate like a rat. Constipation will kill you. So also, if you gain high from the society and fail to give backs to the society. Definitely you are a looser. It is not by what you possess but by what you give out.;

Moreover, most people that gains from you are not those that are closer to you. Many people look at you from afar and gain from your personal motivation. That is why many teachers do teach as one of their lecturer In the high school. You must develop your personal self to the extent that people sees you as a solution provider to their problem. Let people seeing you develop interest to become a better person in the future.

We need to know our role as a role model. Building our personal self is the major key in providing the right motivation to others. If you posses the right value, you will inspire life. Aside from who you
help how you help yourself matters a lot. Be a living motivation.

Moreso, in taking over others life, take over your life. I challenge you to be a solution provider.
I challenge you to be a change agent.
I challenge you to serve as a motivation to atleast one person a day. I challenge you to be a role model.
I challenge you to be a mentor.
I challenge you to make someone happy a day.

The main question is that ARE YOU A ROLE MODEL OR a road model.

Remain significant.