Let me first outline what we are going to discuss today.
1. Education
2. Quality education
3. Climate change
4. Causes of climate change
5. How climate change affects quality education
6. How to stop the effect
7. Recommendations and conclusion.

First of all what is education.
Education is said to be a discipline acquire through learning. It can be formal or non formal
Our attention today will based on formal education.

Education is said to be a quality one when the following conditions are met.
1. When there is a conducive atmosphere for learning
2.When the learners are free from anxiety and uncertainty
3. When the environment is safe and gender sensitive
4. When the learners are healthy and well nourished
5. When the learners are ready to participate in the learning processes
6. When the parent or family of the learners are ready to support the learner in the learning processes.

When the content of instruction is reflected in relevant curricula.
When the instruction material s are readily available.
To mention but a few.
Now if the aforementioned are the conditions for quality education then how related are these to climate change.
First of all we must understand the difference between climate and weather.
Weather is the state of the atmosphere at a particular time and location.
While climate is the aggregate of the weather of a particular location after a long period of time.
So climate of a place depends on its day to day weather.
The rain, air temperature, relative humidity, pressure, dew point temp and so on
This climate has components that interact with one another.
The atmosphere which is the collection of gases held together by the gravity above the earth is where our weather occur
That is where u have cloud from where we have rain
This atmosphere constitute a lot of gases
Some are naturally there while some are foreign due to human interference
These gases that were introduced into the atmosphere due to human activities causes what is known as the global warming
These include Atmosphere (air), Lithosphere (land), Biosphere (plant and animal), Hydrosphere (water bodies), Cyrosphere (ice cover)
These interact with one another to determine our climate
The gases are known as GreenHouse Gases (GHG)
They carbon dioxide, water vapour,methane chlorofluorocarbons and the rest
Theses gases heat up the atmosphere above average.

Then let’s talk about the climate change
Climate change is said to be the statistical change in the average weather conditions of a particular place after a long period of at least 30 years.
This change is cause by
1. Natural causes
2. Human activities
The natural causes include
1. Volcanic eruption
2. Earthquake and the rest

The human activities include
1. Industrialization
2. Deforestation
3. Land use
4. Urbanization
In industrialization carbon dioxide are released in bulk to the atmosphere by industries
As well as by vehicles
In deforestation, trees and forest are being cut to pave the way for urbanization And industrialization.
Land use: due to urbanization and industrialization land nature is being altered.

All these cause climate change. Then what are the consequences of this climate change
1. Flood
2. Drought
3. Heat wave
4. Rise in seal level
5. Bush fire
And so on.
Now how do these consequences affect quality education?

Remember we say for an education to be quality there must be
1. Conducive atmosphere
2. Safe and secured environment
3. Willingness of the learner
4. Family support
And so on

When there is flood disaster and it affect community the government use to shelter the victims mostly in school premises thereby denying the pupils/students access to their classes.
U know it rain and there is a flood children will miss school
In Tanzania for example about 23073 people were affected by flood in 2014 the make shift camp was set in schools
Even here in Nigeria, during the flood of 2012 many schools in the affected areas remained close fro months to open door the flood victims.
When there is drought there is definitely going to be good scarcity and water shortage.
For a child to have a quality education he/she must be well nourished
When there is water shortage, in most of our communities women are girls are responsible for fetching water
Without adequate food a child loose a chance of having quality education.

When there is heat wave our classes which are mostly filled beyond capacity will not conducive for learning anymore thereby affecting the education
This will force them to stay out of school looking for water
All the aforementioned are the consequences of climate that directly affects the ability of a child to get quality education

Then how do we change this
1. We must stop the released of the carbon dioxide
2. We must plant trees to bring back our lost forests
When there is no climate change there will be no flood
There will be no drought
There will be no heat wave
And our children will have a conducive atmosphere for quality education .