A long time ago, those who had phones were classified as kings and queens.

Those who could afford a smart phone were demigods.

But now, almost everyone uses a smart phone.

Using a smart phone should mean living a smart life in a smart way.

The effective use of any technology in teaching requires thoughtful consideration and planning. Whether low tech (a chalkboard) or high tech (a 3-D interactive visualization), a tool’s learning benefits depend on when, where, how, and why you use it.

Faster ways to do things, faster way to learn things, faster ways to reach goals and faster ways to achieve success.

It is your sacred duty to sit and get yourself educated digitally.
There is the almighty google for searching, facebook for networking, linked in for business, instagram for photos and even udemy for online courses.

Relax, take a breath and maximize the opportunities of digital literacy.

‘Dare Omobolaji Osuolale(SDGS ACT LAGOS PARROT2)