Many do not make it to age 5years,  many are victims of child molestation, child trafficking,  female genital mutilation, abuse, under 5 diseases, lack of basic education etc.

These are few of many problems of the African child and it breaks my heart that these problem continue to spread across Africa,  as we celebrate  the day of Africa child today,  let us reflect, rebuild,  rescue and rebuild the future of the African child.

They are our future,  there future starts now,  with quality education,  protection,  good health care facilities we can build the pan Africa that we desire.

Get involved, be a voice for the African  child,  help a child today,  every child is your child.  It is our responsibility and our duty to show love,  care to a child.#INTERNATIONALDAYOFAFRICANCHILD.#AGENDA2063.#BEAVOICEFORTHECHILDREN.#GODBLESSAFRICA