Lately today, I was privileged to be amongst the few persons who met with the Africa coordinator of the sustainable development goals awareness campaign tour (SDGsACT).

It was really a life transforming moment with the Africa coordinator (Mr. Adejoro Oluwasola), and other highly innovative great minds who came around to pitch their projects and tell their SDGs story.

In the course of the meeting we were told to introduce ourselves and our project(s) as individuals. I quickly made good use of the golden opportunity to discuss with the great minds about Tolani Odukoya and his projects.

I couldn’t believe I could drive as much crowd as that considering I’m just meeting them all for the first time since I’m represent my campus coordinator and SDGsACT LASU at large.

They were all wowed to have heard of the wonderful things we have done on LASU campus with the platform we have at hand SDGsACT LASU and also to have heard of my own personal project.

The most important thing I got home from the meeting his the networking, I was able to meet with different great like minds with the fantastic project they are all running , the funny thing is these guys are very young guys driving social impact in their respective societies.

Youths of nowadays need to start seeing the need of creating their own niche and start doing things they are passionate about so as to enable a sustainable environment. truth be told, this is what I love doing and I’m damn passionate about it.

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