As the new month begin, Muslim Hands Nigeria an affiliate of Muslim Hands UK, an NGO giving out to the needy; interested in the orphan child, women and youth empowerment, education and health care set out his teams today to carry out a reconnaissance survey for its upcoming health outreach for Makoko community, Lagos in early next year, February, 2017.
Makoko, a coastline community in Lagos, stories has trend the news in the past and filled with agony, sorrows and pain yielding to calls to save humanity. In recent times, the stories are yet to change. Muslim Hands Nigeria project organizing team led by Shehu Toyyibat made a site visit to the area to assess the situation of community for proper event planning.

During this visit, Muslim Hands team met the Baale of the Community (Oko ilu), Youth leaders (Olori Odo) and others members of the community cabinet, who gave brief introduction of the community and detailed explanation on prevailing community problems, causes and likely solutions.
A home for foreign artisans, which most of its inhabitants on Makoko waterfronts, ‘house on water ‘ are either fisher man or woman houses majorly the less privileged who live approximately below 0.025 dollar per day, which confirms the rate of poverty to be extreme. Basic infrastructural facilities that make life worth living are absent; health centers (not even one),  public secondary schools, public toilets, access to safe water aside major issues in the country.  The prevailing health issues include malaria and cholera, which is majorly as a result of improper waste management.

Wondering how they cope? Residents engage in daily fishing activities, smoke drying and regular buying and selling. Use available water area as dumpsite and defecating, rain boots are used to walk through the streets due to bad condition of road, mosquitoes net and other local method for the prevention of mosquito bites and purchase drinkable water from borehole point.

Like Muslim Hands, many NGOs have supported the community in health area by providing free medical services, convincing the government to support the community in road construction (Erejuwa street) and a public open space, ‘better life’.  According to the head of the community, their most pressing need is the health center and public toilets alongside more recognition as being part of indigenous community by Lagos State Government.

As Muslim Hands prepare for its upcoming health outreach, 2017, it beseechs the support of the public to save humanity in Makoko community. The people of this community deserve a better life and have rights basic human needs.

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