• Education is not a privilege, it’s our right.
The right to education is boldly written in article 26 of the universal declaration of human rights and also article 14 of the international covenant on economic, social and cultural rights.
Education is one of the most important thing in man’s life, it makes sense, it effect on mind, it change the character. The right to education is an inherent right. Right to education is the right which deals with the right to know and right to change their life and life style. The various types of right to education are primary education, secondary education, vocational education and higher education.

           Every child has the right to education of primary education. “Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally accessible to all.

Education shall be free for development of human personality.
Everyone has right to a good and quality education; it’s our right, and not a privilege. It shouldn’t be what only the rich can afford.
Education is quite different from schooling, the SDGs plans on goal 4 is not to create a better school, but a better Education.
Many couldn’t go to school while some are being sent home because they couldn’t pay up their school fees or get other necessary materials.
I say to everyone reading this that, before we can be rest assure of the future, we must have invested so much in the lives of the younger generation.
“A greater national focus on the criticality of educational equity is needed in order to mobilize the masses and invite everyone to be a part of the solution. Only when every person on the street realizes the role she can play in this movement can we begin to change the conversations around education.” –Shaheen Mistri
                                                    WHY THIS PROJECT?

One of the popular TIBETAN PROVERB once said, “A child without quality education is like a bird without wing”.
Everyone needs education, in fact, its part of life.
Recently, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization have released a shocking report indicating that one out of every five Nigerian children is out of school.
In what is clearly a national disgrace for a country that is the world’s eighth largest oil producer, the UNESCO Education for All Global Monitoring Report (EAGMR) says Nigeria holds the world record of having the highest number of its young people out of school.
With approximately 10.5 million kids out of school, Nigeria dominates twelve other countries with which it accounts for 47 percent of the global out-of-school population.
The other countries are Pakistan (5.1 million); Ethiopia (2.4million); India (2.3million); Philippines (1.5million); Cote D’Ivoire (1.2million); Burkina Faso (1million); Niger (1million); Kenya (1million); Yemen (0.9million); Mali (0.8million) and South Africa (0.7million).
And of all these countries, UNESCO says Nigeria is among the four that has experienced the highest increase since 1999.
We can’t continue to bear this and watch our children roaming around without education.

It is part of our calling at SDGsACT according to the global goals 4 ‘QUALITY EDUCATION’ to fight this disease called “ILLITERACY”  

This competition has been categorized into two (2) stages.
1. The junior Secondary.
2. The senior secondary.
These are the two categories we would allow for now to participate in the competition. As times goes by, we believe we shall include other category.

                                          THE PROPOSED SUBJECTS

The proposed and approved subjects for this academic challenge are, MATHEMATICS, ENGLISH & GENERAL STUDIES. The General studies focus more on current affairs. Both foreign and local.

                                                                                                             WHO CAN APPLY

This competition is open to all private and public schools across the country and Africa provided they pass the eligibility test which is class limit.

This competition would be open to schools and it will be free for all. We would do our best for the management of each school to be aware. Interested students can now register with our (In-house person in each school)
The mode of registration would be through paper form and online registration. Participants would have to obtain a form from the school, fill it, and also return it after.
Interested participants can as well Apply for the form through any of our volunteers or offices in the state.
Also, online registration form will be available for every participant who cannot access the form in their various schools.

 To Register for the competition click the link below
Merit Africa Competition

There would be three (3) rounds in this competition.
First round (LOCAL) – this would happen in each senatorial District Local.
Note- Each state has 3 Senatorial district
Second Round (STATE FINAL LEVEL) – this is when the qualifiers in all the senatorial district come together to compete at the state level.
Third Round-(NATIONAL LEVEL) this is when all qualifiers at the state level meet at the national level with other qualifiers from other state.
The minimum school each state must have from each local level (SENATORIAL DISTRICT) is 10, and minimum of 150 students.
NOTE All participants, states/countries are to purchase the book: HOW TO BE AN ‘A’ STUDENT by Sam Adeniji before they can be allows participating in the final round.
The final round is the round where all participants will meet to compete for the winning position. There would be a grand finale for this competition and therefore, our expenses at the final grand finale would be a little bit high.
Such as, gifts for the winner, second and third position. Also consolation prizes for all qualifiers to the final round.
At this round, we would be in need of a lot of partnership from organizations and even from the federal government and United Nations.
All gifts that would be given would/must be useful for the participant Therefore, it must be strictly educational.

For further information, you can reach the planning committee on QUALITY EDUCATION “GOAL 4” through 08140399415, 08161580158,

To Register for the competition click the link below
Merit Africa Competition