SDGs 3rd Year Anniversary eve

SDGs story

Let me tell you a story, with this success stories am about to share, I am already enjoying my 3rd year anniversary of the Global goals.

My last post, I shared prior to 2nd Lagos SDGs Summit, how I was called by a former colleague to act in active capacity as one the social media influencer for the event. That did happened, I was enjoying tweeting every punch line of the events, sharing thoughts of different facilitators and videos. Immediately after the event I met and discuss our Sdgs Act Lagos campus project with SM Sustainability & Climate change from PWC and also Manager of Sahara Foundation, I was glad getting their attention and interest. I also had discussion with founder of HUFFPED whom I have worked with in the past, and we immediately had a action plan for their next project with Action Aid aimed at localising the SDGs at Badagary…

Tonight, my former general secretary at Read and Lead Foundation became a President at JCI, looking back at those days we started developing our social skills and selfless service, it was though but am happy at the growth rate and success stories thus far with how much we have learnt and give back to the society, am not done yet people.

Something interesting also happened about 15 minutes ago when I got a call from another friend, whom I also admire and thrilled by her tenacity and love for humanity, last month she was at a training at Eko Youth Ambassadors (EYA), with lots of motivation, inspiration and advice, I encouraged her to make the opportunity count, she acted on that, show up for every activities during the training but she didn’t make the top 10 in her division that will make it to camp. Despite that, she immediately took action. We started plans to organize a school career and mentorship class for 100 secondary school students at Ikorodu through her initiative, Pearl Volunteers Network, again after submitting proposal and plans intact to host the event, she was asked to postpone the event. She called me to inform me about the disappointment again, “Mr Sheriff, what do we do now, I was asked to postpone the event”? And I responded, whatever delay in the event is going to be at your favor and advantage and that was exactly what happened.

Guess what? She called me tonight saying, “Sir I have been asked by EYA to report to camp today” and now she is in camp with others as one of the Youth ambassadors in Lagos.

So blessed that we have used the SDGsACT platform to impact more and more lives, the progress may seems very slow but we can count a lot of partnerships, ideas, recommendations, fellowships and action taken with the resilience and passion by using the platform of our organization to educate and challenging people to deliberately act for the implementation of the SDGs.#Act4SDGs.#LocalisingTheSDGs.#SDGsACT