It doesn’t matter how much you know; all that really matters is how much you care. – Anonymous

Congratulations Ambassador Adebiyi Kehinde Samuel, we at SDGsAI Nigeria are proud of what you are becoming. May God bless you with more wisdom at your new role at Millennium Campus Network.

SDGs Campuses Director









It gives us great joy working with you since we started the dreams of SDGsACT Campus Club together at Lagos State University, you demonstrated loyalty, resilience, team leaders towards the success and sustainability of the project. This new height is well deserved.

May God give you the wisdom to execute your new role with values and success.

Lesson: The greatest untapped resource in any organization, and the most expensive, is it’s people. It is within the skills and abilities of the average person where the potential for growth, productivity, performance, achievement, and profitability lies.