The Lagos SDGsACT team on Thursday 28, 2016 embarked on SDGs fourth goal (quality education) in secondary schools.
Birch Freeman Secondary School, Mushin Lagos school hall was the venue for the workshop with some of the  junior and senior school students in attendance. The first session started with an introduction of the facilitator, a Microsoft innovative educator, Mr Hammed AbdulAzeez.
 After the introduction, the first session took place with introduction of Sdgs and what the group is about which was well explained to the students. This session was facilitated by our media/ publicity officer for Sdgs Act, Lagos Chapter.
The next session was the major highlight of the day, the digital workshop, the facilitator was able through an interactive class to educate the students on what digital education is about, how digital education can help them in their academics, importance of digital education and benefits. He also explains different skills they can learn through the use of their computers and highlight some of the hazards of social media to students.
The last session was facilitated by the Lagos coordinator, and he briefly explained again the sustainable development goals to the students and it’s important to students, he explain on the benefits of digital world through social media by exposing the students to the use of MOOCs
(Massive Open Online Courses) where they can learn skills and develop themselves. Different web links on this was given to the students. A book reward was given to one of the students who mention one of the goals on SDGs.
 Light refreshment and photo session follows with the students and at the time of departure, we established a feedback mechanism procedure with the staffing by requesting them to allow us start a SDGsACT club in the school for continuous mentorship of the students.  Mosquito nets and RDT (Rapid Diagnosis Test kit) for malaria was donated to the school sick bay to improve good health and well being in the school environment.