It was a great honor for me on Saturday to grace the invitation by the Region 1 Leo Club International district 404A1 at their Leadership training for three campus-based clubs: Yabatech, Laspotech and Tasued Leo Club and 5 other community based Leo clubs. I was opportune to address the club presidents on Youth participation in the implementation of the SDGs.

This leadership hang out is another call to action for me and all key actors in SDGs advocacy that we really still have long way to go in the awareness and implementation of the SDGs. Our roles as youth is key to the future, 2030 is upon us. Policies and decision about how future MUST come from our own design thinking, resilience for the future of work that will help us to live peacefully in a sustainable environment. So we must do everything possible and work together as a unit to build a stronger nation, we must continuously engage the government, communities and key players in developing a strategy that works together… this is the age of Anthropocene.

I really had a good time, as many of the great leaders I met shared their ideas of future projects together, they are also motivated to go back to their respective clubs to teach, create awareness and implement sustainable projects.

SDGsACT will continue to stand by her mission to sign up youth across the nation to support and implement the SDGs, do reach out to us if you have projects to implement, thinking of sustainable strategies and passionate volunteers? We will sure be there to build a great nation together.#LeavingNoOneBehind