At Sustainable Development Goals Awareness Initiative Sdgs Act Lagos one of our core strength is to continuously raise awareness about the SDGs, we all say it’s a Decade of Action but that starts with how much information you and I have about the wicked problems in our society.

Issues around Social, Economic and Environmental are all embedded inn the SDGs framework and these are what most NGOs, CBOs and Private Sector work with yet whenever we had to chance to enlighten Organization about the SDGs we discovered even after three years many people don’t know what the SDGs are all about.

Last week we got an invitation from Scout Association of Nigeria, Lagos State headquarters to train the members of the organization in line with scout agenda to ensure all Scout chapters implement the SDGs from 2018 to 2022 in all their activities. Indeed we dished out loads of information and feedback was great and we are more delighted about questions asked by the members and enthusiasm to start implementation what they have learnt.

We also learnt that the Organization which we used to know as Boy Scout and Girls Guide is now a one body as Scout Association of Nigeria and Thai is also inline with the SDGs to promote inclusion of all gender in decision making, we have also pledged as an organization to continue to work with the Organization to achieve a Decade of Action through programs and principle of the organization.