SDGsACT activities has been classified into 4 phases.

Phase 1: Awareness Campaign Tour across Africa

Phase 2: Project Identification in various communities in Africa

Phase 3: Project Execution in Africa

Phase 4: Monitoring and Evaluation 

We are glad to unveil to you all, SDGsACT PHASE ONE, which will be carried out using various channels such as training, workshops, community mobilization, seminars etc.
We are open to all forms of partnership inline with our calendar. 

Our attention for us is on creating a MASSIVE AWARENESS about SDGs in AFRICA.

If you want to be SDGsACT volunteer in your country, contact the following numbers on whatsapp: +2347033575287, +2348133419604, +2348061500535, +25779762138, +254726719778, +233249407506.