Billions of people all over the world do not have access to drinking water, beyond that our people do not understand the importance of our natural following waters. People in the coastal communities and tourist who visit our beaches most time leaves the beach dirty.
The Lagos chapter of our organization this year celebrated the World Water Day at the Elegushi Private beach, this beach remains one of the most visited tourist site in Lagos and we were concerned about its usage and sustainability. The celebration of the World Water Day was aimed at:
  • Aware campaign at the beach on SDGs
  • Distribution of leaflet to educate tourist at the beach about the SDGs and how they can implement the SDGs in their locality.
  • Tree planting exercise at the beach
  • Video shoot by members to support the SDGs implementation
  • Networking opportunities with youths at the beach and other tourist who will be willing to learn more about the SDGs and become members of SDGsACT.
At the beach hang out, we also had the opportunity of meeting new members and our monthly hangout meeting was held where we discuss further project coming up later in the year and how we can continue to support and implement the ambitious global goals at every communities in Lagos State.
Our next monthly hang out will hold last Sunday in May, at Ikorodu. More information coming soon and how you can join us to pledge your support for the FUTURE WE WANT.

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