The Vice chancellor of Lagos State University on 7 May invited the SDGsACT LASU club for a convocation press conference. Read the report of the university press conference that was held on the 7th of May, 2018.

The University Management team, ably lead by the Vice Chancellor invited the executives of the SDGsACT LASU to the press conference.

The SDGsACT LASU Executives, lead by the campus coordinator Amb Kehinde Adebiyi and Five other executives were present at the press conference.

The Campus Coordinator was expected to give a speech 1 SDGsACT Lasu at the occasion, but he was unable to deliver his speech that day due to the time constraint. Instead, the hard copy of his speech was distributed to everyone present at the event including the members of the press present. However, the Vice Chancellor recognized and acknowledged the presence of the SDGsACT LASU Executives at the program and he advised the members of the press to have a discuss and an interview with the SDGsACT LASU Executives.
In the light of the above, vanguard newspaper, Lasu radio, daily times newspaper and 3 others had an interview with the Campus coordinator and the executives.

Amb Olaide O. Abiona
Administrative cord,

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