1. It’s 11month of the year,  11th goal awareness, how do we make cities and communities sustainable?

 2. What is the different between city and community?

3. What impact does hunger and poverty have over cities and communities sustainability

4. Can climate change have short and long term impacts on goal 11?

5. If you are asked the question, what can you do to help achieve goal 11, what is the best possible answer you can give?

6. What are the roles of government on this goal?

7. How important is the goal to the lifestyle of people living in cities and communities?

8. What measure and approach do you think can be use to achieve this goal?

9. Who are the stakeholders to make goal 11 achievable?

10.  What are the negative impact that will occur and who will be most affected if we fail to achieve a sustainable cities and communities?

These are questions I was thinking about on my way home now as a SDGs advocate.

Every month since January, SDGsACT Africa look into each goals, starting with goal 1 since January, we carry out advocacy, awareness,  twitter chat,  Whatsapp group discussion, survey and assessment to enlighten the community on how we create the future we want through the global goals.

This month, we look into goal 11, we will be glad to have you as partner in progress to carry out more awareness about SDGs.

To be part of our humanitarian services, join any of the SDGsACT AFRICA in any of the states in Nigeria and other countries in Africa.

For more information contact

Olusola Adejoro
Coordinator for AFRICA

Sheriff Gbadamosi
Lagos State Chapter